Shape Your Body Quickly With These 6 Effective Exercises

There are plenty of workouts and exercises that claim to help you get in shape. The following six exercises have been proven as extremely efficient in helping you easily lose weight and shape your body! If you’re someone who dislikes running, which is often hailed as the best way to shape your body, this set of exercises will be perfect for you! They can get you the same, and even better results, improve your health and tone your body at the same time.

The Best Exercises to Shape Your Body

1.Mountain Climbers

One of the most beneficial workouts that can create amazing results are mountain climbers. This exercise actively engages your entire body and helps you lose weight much faster. In addition to improving circulation, this is an exercises that strengthens your legs, core AND arms! The best part is you can do them anywhere, and even shape your body while watching TV! Start with a set of 50, and do a few sets each day.

2.Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn’t just for children. There is a reason boxers practice this amazing cardio exercise. It’s one of the best ways to shape your body while burning calories and also increasing your stamina. Additionally, jump rope is very versatile, and can be used to add some variation to your usual routine. Doing “double unders”, tuck jumping, and varying the pace (slowing or accelerating) are very effective in helping to shape your body.

3.High Knee Sprints

The high knee sprint is a workout that is very effective in burning calories and toning your body. This drill exaggerates the running stride, the knee lift adding a boost to your calf, glute and hamstring workout. Also, it’s a great cardio exercise, increasing your heart rate more than both running and jogging, while still helping to shape your body. When doing the high knee sprints, you can keep the same pace as when running normally. However, it’s preferable to increase your speed for a more effective workout. In addition you can add them intermittently to your jog, but make sure to slow the pace before resuming jogging.


Another exercise that activates and helps shape your body are burpees. This workout targets the central part of the body, strengthens your core and also increases stamina. The motion is very similar to up-downs, with an added jump. You can increase the motion after your first few sets; try to do them as quickly as you can to achieve the best results. Ideally, you should do about a 100 burpees a day (you can break them down into sets.) The amazing results can be visible in as little as a week!

5.Long Jumps

You should find a wide and open space where you can do long jumps properly. As the name says this exercise involves jumping as far as you can. Keep a sure footing beforehand, and try to get as much distance as possible. For the best results, do a minimum of three sets, with 10-20 jumps in each. Not only will this workout improve your coordination and balance, it will help strengthen and shape your body by toning your lower half.

6.Tuck Jumps

One of the most effective ways to burn a lot of calories, shape your body and improve your stamina all at the same time is the tuck jump. Another advantage of this exercise is that you don’t need a lot of space. Extend your arms in front of you, and pull your knees up, attempting to touch them with your hands while jumping.


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